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Advocate for HB 1967

Advocate for HB 1967

Dear Practicing Physicians,

As you know HB 1967 in Virginia has gone to the Commerce & Labor Committee and is in Subcommittee #1. Subcommittee #1 meets every Thursday. Their agenda has not yet been posted, but once the agenda is up, the subcommittee will discuss this bill to decide if this bill will move to full Commerce & Labor committee.

The process for this bill to get passed in both the House, Senate and finally the Governor, at EACH step will be contingent upon physicians calling, writing and even coming in to speak with the legislators about the importance of this bill and how it impacts physicians and improves patient access.  I know that sounds tiresome and especially difficult with your busy schedules, but the opposition is heavily relying on your complacency.

To make it as easy as possible given your time constraints, I’m including a form letter here with the contact information of the Committee Members.  If you have time, I will also suggest sending out emails to the rest of the legislators from both Senate and House. The more we can front load the legislators with information ahead of time, the better. See below for template letter and contact information.

There will also be a webinar on Sunday, January 13th at approximately 9pm with Delegate Sam Rasoul, the patron of the bill for those who have questions.  If you are interested in attending, you must obtain the login information by emailing support@vamocinfo.com

If you aren’t in Virginia, please share with your physician colleagues in Virginia and ask them to act now.

Thanks for all your hard work!

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